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1. Lineage 2 Anomaly (Interlude PvP/PK)
5000x rate / Max Enchant: 25 85% / Custom Armors/Weapons(vesper etc.) / Reward system / Balanced classes / Auto Events / Custom Places / Custom Bosses / Come and join :)

2. L2Custom Interlude PVP. Join US!!
Custom server with custom items dynasty/apella/vesper/l2gold weapons/custom masks/forever weapons and etc. Game start from 80lvl so you dont need to level up and u get free a grade items. Hero every 5 days. Easy farm, just pvp.

3. L2 Helix Pvp
Interlude L2 Non custom pvp server old school fashion old school balance

Adena and experience for PVP As an interlude, but the graphics are better: No attributes and skills 80+ S-grade maximum. Start at level 75. A lot of interesting things